CPCB EPR Registration

cpcb epr registration

CPCB EPR Registration / EPR Authorization is provided for Brand Owners/Producers or importers for proper disposal and recycling of post-consumer e-waste under plastic waste management rules 2016. In the term EPR Registration, the EPR full form is Extended Producer Responsibility, which means an easy environmental approach to managing the lifecycle of a product which includes Prevention, Clean-up, and Recycling.  


With an increase in the E-Waste, the government has reviewed the rules and regulations and came to a conclusion that placing the post-consumer phase of products on certain producers could be an option. Hence EPR is a policy where producers and importers and brand owners are given the responsibility to manage the treatment or disposal of waste products.

What is EPR Certificate?

EPR Certificate is for the Indian and Foreign importers and producers of electronic products for the management of E-Waste and under the EPR Authorization, you get the EPR Certificate. CPCB EPR Registration and EPR Certificate are important for almost all the importers and manufacturers of plastic and electronic waste.

EPR Registration for Plastic Waste:

Plastic has many uses, and due to its physical and chemical properties lead to huge commercial use and success. The indiscriminate disposal of plastic has, become a major environmental threat. In particular, plastic carrying bags are the main contributors to littered waste and, every year, millions of plastic bags end up in the atmosphere as well as in the soil, water bodies, etc. 


Therefore, the Plastic Waste Regulations, 2011 were notified in 2011, which included plastic waste management, to tackle the problem of scientific plastic waste management. In violation of the earlier Plastic Waste Regulations, 2011 the government notified the Plastic Waste Management Regulations, 2016.